When you schedule an engagement session, a portrait session with your family, or a senior session for yourself - the first thing that comes to your mind is What do I wear?

A photo session should be a fun and enjoyable event. Something you can share with your loved one and something to leave you with amazing memories for a long time. In order to achieve an enjoyable session, it’s best to eliminate all the nerves and stress well ahead of the event. The way to do that is to cover all things that might cause stress - major one being the frustration of finding something picture-perfect to wear. Often times, my clients email me to get an idea what would be suitable and ideal. In result, I have created a quick and easy tip guide for how to dress for a common photo shoot!


  • Looking for a whimsical engagement collection of photo memories? Wear light, neutral, and soft shades! Dresses for girls and women are always a high recommendation as they always photograph beautifully. Casual button down shirts and slacks look great on guys. A nice blazer or a sweater will work wonders as well.
  • For a family portrait session, it is best to wear single tone colors and wear cute accessories with a pop of color, consistent among the family members. A fun red and white polka dot bow tie for your toddler or a bright red daisy headpiece for your little girl.
  • Layers can look great in any environment.
  • For possibility of close up ring shots, a nice manicure is highly suggested.
  • Makeup doesn’t typically show up in photos as bold as it can in reality, therefore I do recommend for my clients to get their makeup professionally done ( nice trial for your big wedding day).
  • And lastly, don't forget to wear your smile! Being your happy self will shine through and be instantly noticeable in the photographs.


  • Avoid wearing logos and bold busy prints!
  • Avoid bringing handbags to a photo session.
  • It is best to stay away from sneakers for both men and women.

I enjoy helping my clients style the outfits they choose, so I always offer my guidance before each and every shoot. I recommend to follow the above guidelines, however don’t forget to also pick something that you are comfortable and yourself in! After all, the outfit you pick should still reflect your spectacular personality!