It was a Sunday - the day after Halloween. It was a little cloudy, but a great improvement in weather as we had to postpone our original session date due to a potential hurricane. Yes, a hurricane that never actually came.

This autumn shoot is still fresh in my mind as it holds some delightful memories. We met in the late afternoon at  Independence National Historic Park, where majority of couples get their wedding photos taken. However, this was a day designated for a fun family outing instead. Tor and Brad brought their two cuties to the park – Nora and Josh. Nora was a bundle of happiness. She is one of the prettiest babies I’ve ever seen and her smile shined through her eyes, making its way to her cheeks, and then to her cute little hands. She glowed with joy as her parents lovingly posed with her. She was very calm and it took me some time to adjust to how collected she was for such a young age.  Yet Josh, had a plan for the shoot. His goal was to amuse,  and standing still wasn’t really an option for him. He ran around for majority of the shoot, echoes of his laughter bouncing off the historic buildings and bushes around him. 

It was sweet to see some precious moments between Josh and Tor as they took part in leaf juggling and took walks along the pebbled sidewalk. 

It was also a pleasure to capture some adorable moments between Nora and Brad. She giggled and fluttered her little arms as her father carried her as though she was flying through the air. 

This is one of the reasons I love doing family sessions. They are always full of unexpected moments that I feel are essential to capture. Wonderful moments to look back on and smile.