This was the second time I was asked to do a family shoot with Val and Isa. The first time we met for a photo session, it was during the warm months in May of last year and everything was just beginning to bloom. This time around, everything was golden and there was a November chill in the air. We met at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and made our way down to the gazebo area. I always enjoy capturing photos at an intimate part of a popular attraction. There is something special about finding a spot that hasn’t been portrayed a certain way before.

 It rained earlier that day and even though the rain subsided, it was still extremely cloudy the time of our session. Yet most times those gloomy skies can result in a unique and interesting atmosphere. The vibrant colors of Val and Isa’s outfits stood out as beautiful bold shades and the greenery of the grass warped around them.

It was a joy to capture some moments between Val and Isa, catch them laughing and hugging. To catch some of Isa’s serious modeling poses, as she stood next to her mom. She has her own sense of style and that day, she knew exactly what she wanted to wear and how to accessorize.

After the session, we took a cab back to Old City and settled at a cute coffee shop, while catching up and drinking some delicious and warm lattes. It was a sweet November day and these photos reflect the bond and beauty of this family.