It happened! This beautiful Rittenhouse Square session happened. I was at the point of doing an anti-rain dance – oh, yes I truly was! Weather just didn’t want to cooperate with our plans and after multiple postponements, I was thankfully, lucky enough to meet Emily and Mitch at Rittenhouse Square in early April. It ended up being brisk and really windy, but it was over 50 degrees outside and there was no rain in sight. Wind can be a great benefit to a photo shoot and it did create a more natural atmosphere around the couple. The waves created by the wind looked so elegant as they swept through Emily’s hair and the luscious greenery that made up 90% of the park really made the couple stand out.

Emily and Mitch met in high school. Their story began a few years later when they started dating, and grew in scale when Mitch proposed at Central Park, New York in December. I was honored when Emily asked me to photograph them for their engagement. The city environment was perfect for their session, and Rittenhouse Square was one of the parks that could bring out the city vibe instantaneously.

I absolutely loved the little gold details in Emily’s outfit, her stunning ring – of course- and the floral embellishments on her pleated blouse. It was lovely to see that they found something unique to wear, yet something that was comfortable and true to their personalities. I love seeing what my clients choose to wear to their sessions.

Overall, I was amazed at how quickly the pair fell into the rhythm of getting photographed. They were true naturals!