Time flies when you meet your partner for life. Sometimes I wonder if I’d prefer time to stand still instead, but then I realize that I would miss out on all the wonderful times that are yet to come. 11 years have passed since their meeting. Many moments of love, companionship, and laughter. Laura met Eddie in 2005 when she used to bartend. They hit it off instantly as they spent hours talking that first night of their meeting and then went to see a movie together. Even to this day, they share their love of movies and movie nights. They got engaged on Christmas Eve. That wonderful moment was shared with their family at a Christmas Eve party, when Eddie proposed.
Laura is a dear friend and it was an amazing experience to be able to document her intimate wedding day in early March. They wanted to capture their day as an intimate small event, with only their family present. I was grateful to be able to join in and capture a few hours of beautiful moments.

For the first look, we pulled over at a scenic area by the Pennypack Trail, near the Delaware River and were able to create some lovely photos. Those genuine moments are my favorite and one of the reasons I chose photography at this time in my life. To be able to take a special moment, freeze it,  and know that the newlyweds will be able to hold on to it for years and pass it down to their children, and then grandchildren. There is something SO special in that notion!

They exchanged vows in front of the calm Delaware river and truly made that moment and that day memorable. There were some last minute obstacles they had to overcome, but in the end, they made it about them and their family. It was a pleasure to witness it, capture it, and now share it!